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Funny is Fierce!

I LOVE comedy. I love all things funny. When I was young I used to practice jokes on the stage in my father’s comedy club in the middle of the day, when nobody was there. I remember writing my own joke that had something to do with Olivia Newton-John having to wear giant earrings to […]

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Girly-ness, Interrupted

I am not sure why, but in my young womanhood I was opposed to blatant girly-ness. Almost a curmudgeon, one could say, way before a curmudgeon-appropriate age. I started out loving dresses, ruffled bloomers, Easter hats, putting curlers in my long hair, and shiny patent leather dress shoes. I know that as a young girl […]

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Journeying Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Welcome to my blog, where I will explore anything and everything related to journeying beyond your comfort zone. I write about topics such as pushing your limits, trying new things, being independent, adventure, the outdoors, scientific discoveries and advancements, women in science, women in the arts, womanhood, finding your true self, education, amazing things women […]