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Saved By The Blues Special Sneak Peek

“After reading this book, you’re going to want to dance.” (Photo by Evrim Icoz) I don’t know about you, but just looking at this picture makes me want to dance. “Blues music is known as the soundtrack of heartaches and hardships, but the practice of singing, playing, or listening to the blues has always been used […]

Baby Shoes Flash Fiction Anthology is Here!

I am so freaking honored to be part of this amazing anthology of fiction. Fiction in all forms and genres. Fiction that will make you laugh, cry, think, gasp, and be entertained. Here’s the description from Amazon: “100 Stories. 100 Authors. Under 1,000 words. No Holds Barred. This book started with a call for authors […]

Why the Things My Husband Does that Drive Me Insane are Great for our Kids!

My husband is a fantastic father. But he’s still a guy, and he drives me insane. So this Father’s Day I am trying something new: Finding the good in the stuff he does that threatens to send me to the asylum. Why? Because I realize more each year that some of the stuff he does […]


Five Things to be Thankful For on Mother’s Day

Recently while showering in my new home I noticed the words “Happy Mother’s Day” written in steam on my bathroom mirror. I started to think about who had put it there for the woman who occupied this home before me. Was it her husband? Her children? And what were they thinking about when they wrote […]

Boys and Body Image – Yes, It’s a Thing.

I saw a Huffington Post blog today entitled, “How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body.” While I am sick to death of the barrage of articles, blog posts, and discussions about how women and girls are so fucked up about their bodies, I appreciated her point that we, as mothers, should not be […]


Mommy Kryptonite – What brings this mama to her knees?

Being a mom is hard. We never get a day off, and are usually the default parents, expected to manage all manner of domestic difficulty no matter what else is happening in our lives. Moms are amazing at stepping up, rising to the occasion, and handling all sorts of crap. From poop to boogers, whining […]