The following are links to my various published works:




April 2016

Indiana Voice Journal

“Pucker” Short Fiction


July 2015

Baby Shoes: A Flash Fiction Anthology 




February 2016

Traveling Geologist

“Reflections on Tibet” Essay


June 2015

Martinis and Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe, and WTF?

 “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” 


Featured Blog Posts


Huffington Post


August 2016

“Plagiarism: It’s More Than Just Borrowing Words” 

February 2016

“My Love/Hate Relationship With Teaching” 

September 2015

“An Open Letter to My Students On the Eve of a New Semester” 

July 2015

“The Ugly Truth About Being 40”

June 2015

“Why the Things My Husband Does That Drive Me Insane Are Great for Our Kids” 

May 2015

“Five Things to Thank Mom For on Mother’s Day”

March 2015

“Having a Baby is a Very Personal Choice, Not a Necessary Step”


Blunt Moms


April 2016

“Ten Things I Hate About Me”

Fall 2015

“Five Reasons I Won’t Win Mother of the Year” 

Fall 2015

“Why My Michael Kors Tote Hates Me”