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Jess and the guys, field expedition 1999. From left: Lou Sang, Paul, Mike, Jess, Doje, Zhou.

Girl on the Roof of the World

Girl on the Roof of the World is the story of one woman’s search for self-acceptance by way of an incredible adventure into what was for her the antithesis of her usual life—living off the grid in the wilds of Tibet to pursue scientific research, something she never would have believed she could do.  In taking that chance, Jess found that not only was she able to hold her own, both as a geologist and as an outdoorswoman, but she unearthed from within her an unlikely passion for the rocks, rivers, and remarkable landscape that would become the backdrop of her personal transformation.  With each passing day it became easier to decipher the hidden geological mysteries held in the rocks, and the hidden strength within her.  In exploring the untouched geology in the farthest reaches of Tibet, she found a way to explore the farthest reaches of her limitations and tap into untouched potential she never knew she had.